Boot Camp and Board & Train

Our Most Intensive Training

We realize that bringing a new puppy or rescue dog into your home, while very exciting, can also create anxiety and disruption. Like newborn children, the first few days, weeks, and months of your dog’s new life are critical for his or her happy and healthy development, as well as a lifetime of harmony in your home. 

The Boot Camp concept has gained great popularity for people who are busy with work and family but still want a really well-trained and well-adjusted dog. While you are hard at work, so are we – training your dog. The Board & Train program is a great option when families go on vacation.  Often times when a family goes on vacation the dog is kept at a boarding facility, so why not get some intensive training built in with the stay? The Boot Camp and Board & Train options are some of the most popular packages we offer in the Boise and greater Treasure Valley.

Day Training

The best of both worlds 

We offer a Day Training program for Boise and all of Ada county. This is a great choice for busy  working professionals and families who want the best for their dog. While you and your family are hard at work and school, we are too – training and nurturing your dog, You get the best of both worlds; the socialization of daycare and world class training!


New Puppy Consultation 

Do it all right - we're here to help 

It’s so exciting to get a new puppy, but for busy working professionals or a family with children, it can also be extremely stressful. We can help you through the early difficulties with our 90-minute private “New Puppy Consultation.”

We will come to your home to answer the questions that often come up for new puppy owners and start you off with some training basics. Training a new puppy can begin as early as eight weeks. Puppies happen to be one of our areas of expertise. Take advantage of this service and you’ll really be happy you did.


Private Basic Obedience Dog Training

in the comfort and convenience of your own home 

These sessions are available in packages of three, six, nine, or twelve 1-hour sessions. Tailored to your specific needs, the sessions can fit your schedule and can include your entire family. We can work at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

Each session lasts about one hour and includes hands-on training as well as exercises to address the specific obedience issues that you are experiencing with your dog.


Problem Behavior Assistance 

Old dogs can learn new tricks 

What are the reasons some dog behave in problematic ways? Very often, your dog has behaved a certain way for an extended period of time, making it extremely difficult to interrupt the cycle. We help you understand the science of canine behavior using techniques that are easy and have practical applications. We will help you learn how to condition and counter-condition to the behaviors you want to see more of. With our help you will become proficient at discouraging behaviors that are problematic and reinforcing the behaviors you want to see repeated. This will help you be better able to get your dog to behave in more desirable ways.