Daytime Dog Training

The Perfect Option for Families and Busy Working Professionals

We now offer a Day Training program for the Boise area. This is a great choice for busy working professionals and families who want the best for their dog. While you and your family are hard at work and school, we are too – training and nurturing your dog. 

Training gives you amazing results. Each day when you return home you will have a puppy or adult dog that is better behaved than the day before. It’s the best of both worlds!


Our Basic Day Training Services Address:

  • crate training
  • chew training (no biting or nipping)
  • basic skills like sit, down, and stand (using voice and hand signals)
  • leash walking
  • no jumping
  • building attention and focus
  • come when called
  • proper socializing
  • alone-time training
  • impulse control, and more!

We can also address Behavior Problems such as:

  • fear of people
  • fear of other dogs
  • hyperactivity – lack of attention and focus
  • counter surfing and food stealing
  • socializing
  • pulling uncontrollably on leash
  • separation anxiety
  • resource guarding, and more

Day Training programs include educational materials and individualized training goals.

We are bonded and insured and as former law enforcement professionals, can be trusted to be in your home when you are not.

Important Information: Day Training includes either 30 or 50 minutes of intensive one-on-one training with an experienced dog trainer. Prior to beginning a Day Training program each dog is required to have a “meet and greet” at the daycare to assess their social skills and be able to participate in supervised play with other dogs.