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Puppy Kindergarten Class

This is a 6-week class designed to cover the basics of puppy training and care. (Puppies are between 8 weeks and 6 months old). The initial focus of these classes is to provide intensive socializing opportunities and exercises for the puppies to encourage a sense of confidence, and to reduce fear. In addition, during this class we begin basic obedience training, teaching attention and focus, impulse control and a variety of skills, including recall and leash walking. Our Puppy Training Classes are serious fun!

Prepay to reserve your spot, each class is limited to ten dogs for the best training!

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Advanced Meet & Greet

Advanced Meet & Greet Class is specifically designed for dogs that have difficulty interacting with others and/or elicit inappropriate behavior toward other dogs. Whether they come on with too much enthusiasm or are exhibiting unseemly behaviors, such as, lunging, snapping, barking, growling, or lunging this is a great class for any dog owner. It is also our most popular class. You are not alone; there are a great many dog owners who have this sort of difficulty. 

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Prepay to reserve your spot, each class is limited to ten puppies for the best training!

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This class is designed for older puppies and young adult dogs between 8 and 24 months with good prior training experience and skill level. This challenging 6-week class focuses on advanced obedience skills. There will still be plenty of on and off-leash socializing and supervised playtime with the other dogs and their owners, but we will spend more time working in this class building a more reliable “recall” from a distance and with distractions. In addition, dogs in this class will be evaluated for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification.

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