Lessons Learned: How to Have Happy Holidays with the Hound

Tip #1 – Stow presents until Christmas morn!

Young dogs have energy to burn and enjoy exploring novel things. So, DO NOT put holiday presents under the tree until it’s time to open them. We love to display presents, but keeping them hidden beats the disappointment of a present destroyed before it’s been opened. And it’s certainly better than making a trip to the emergency vet to surgically remove whatever was ingested. No harm, no foul!

How to "Talk Dog"—Learn to Communicate with your Dog

Many people know that for companion dogs to understand what we want from them, it is important to communicate differently than we do with one another. Our language, using many words together in full sentences, is not clear or discernible to dogs. We can help dogs learn certain words or commands by making those words meaningful, but simply talking to dogs and expecting them to understand is asking way too much of them. So, how do we learn to “talk dog“ to our best buddies so we can better communicate our needs? To be honest, it’s not that difficult. 

Bringing Home (Fur) Baby

There are many things we learn as professional dog trainers, but one of the most important, and one we share on a daily basis with clients is how to safely bring home a rescue dog. Many of these dogs come with little history and, often, there is no information at all. In general, it is best to ignore the information completely and take steps to protect yourself as well as your new family member.