Our Most Popular Class!

This class is perfect for dogs that display inappropriate behaviors, including:

  • Over-excitement
  • Jumping
  • Excessive barking
  • Possessiveness
  • Resource guarding
  • Growling
  • Lunging

Whether your dog is overly excited or displays fear-related behaviors like growling, barking, lunging, or other unwanted behaviors, this class will help. It is meant to address inappropriate “meeting and greeting” behaviors that may lead to unpleasant or unruly interactions with other dogs or people. The class will give you renewed confidence in handling your dog, and ultimately will help you have a better relationship with your pet.

You will receive a thorough background of “dog handling” techniques to help you manage your dog in a variety of situations. The class will enable you to respond more effectively when your dog demonstrates unwanted behaviors. You will also learn and be able to identify when dogs are being friendly, and when they are not, through in-class demonstrations of friendly behaviors between dogs.

Once the group dynamics are established and leash management techniques are learned, we will move on to more challenging interactions. Throughout this time we will learn a variety of techniques to quiet and de-sensitize the dogs to each other. Operant and classical conditioning exercises will be employed to shift the emotional disposition of each dog from fear, discomfort, or over-stimulation, to greater comfort, less fear, and more appropriate responses.

ABI (acquired bite inhibition) will be tested on all participants. Muzzles will be required for all dogs that have a “hard mouth” or for any dog that has bitten and caused serious injury to another dog or person previously.

Good CitiZEN Dog Training reserves the right to turn down any dog that is deemed “too dangerous” to participate in this class. The initial class will be for owners only – no dogs until the second session. A one-time private session (usually lasting 90 minutes) is required and is extremely helpful to help evaluate and assess your dog’s behavior before the class begins.

The session is meant to help you to gain additional control and to reduce your anxiety in class. Many dog owners really enjoy the one-on-one, hands-on training session for gaining a better handle on the behaviors that are most challenging for their particular pet.  A discount is given on the private session for those also signing up for a group class.

If you’re looking for the most qualified people to handle aggressive dog training in Boise and Ada County, you’ve found them!